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Partnering Training

Linking Futures strongly believes partnering is the way to go between people and their respective organisations. Our partnership tools are used to advance the current and future needs including objectives of our relationship. Our partnership agreements are created by our people and articulate the purpose, objectives, the relationships, and the boundaries.

This means we know where we are going, how we are going to get there, when we arrive and how to achieve our objectives within agreed time frames and boundaries. Partnerships assist Linking Futures to enact its logo, ‘walking between two worlds’, the world of buyers and sellers or between organisations and or between people. We have experienced partnerships between Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal owned businesses, and mainstream businesses. Partnerships are safe and transparent, and we are accountable to each other for its success.

We help deliver world class partnering training courses for people seeking exceptional outcomes from their cross sector partnering initiatives.

In partnership with Dixon Partnering Solutions we provide ‘One to One’ partnering training through the Partnering Essentials™ suite of cross sector partnering courses.

These courses are designed to deliver proven, practical skills that will equip you to partner effectively across all layers of community, education, government and business.

All the courses are based on the Partnering by Design™ methodology and provide an opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the theory and practice of cross sector partnering.

The courses can be taken online through the Partnering Essentials™ Online Academy , delivered face to face or a combination of both delivery methods.

You can choose from individual courses on specific topics or combined packages, to suit your level of knowledge and skill.

To start your partnering  training, simply follow the links below to purchase and enrol in your desired online course alternatively contact us on 0419 814 060 or click here to discuss other delivery options.

About Partnering Essentials/Dixon Partnering Solutions

With an aim to help you partner simply, quickly & effectively, the Partnering Essentials™ suite of training courses were developed in 2009 by internationally recognized thought leader Ian Dixon.

The courses have been delivered to over 2000 participants across all sectors and industry areas.

Linking Futures works in Partnership with Dixon Partnering Solutions to deliver online partnering training courses.

For more information on Dixon Partnering Solutions and Partnering Essentials click here.