Our Team

Our Values

Linking Futures recognise all clients expect value for money and timely services. We acknowledge our strength comes from the breadth of our relationships, the respect our colleagues and the community has for each individual in the team.

Our team pride themselves on ensuring all our clients benefit from these common values.

Linking Futures engages with all our clients and proponents to ensure every project undertaken and completed fulfils an expectation of;

Outcomes which deliver mutual benefit

Opportunities for engagement which are inclusive

Our People Are Connectors

The team at Linking Futures are professionals who have bought a wealth of experience to their roles, as facilitators and trainers. Linking Futures principals and Senior Associates have success brokering joint ventures and commercial partnerships between business, the community and interest groups.

Parry Agius

As an inspiring and motivating leader, I encourage people to enjoy what they do in the workplace; be accountable for and take ownership of their work, become familiar with the environment they work in, and the important relationships they have with stakeholders.  This is the essence of what I bring to all projects I work on.

I have vast experience across sectors, working for and with all tiers of government, small and medium business, larger corporations and not for profit Indigenous groups and businesses in remote and regional communities throughout Australia.

Mark Elliott

Mark is an experienced trainer and facilitator who also has an extensive employment history as an Allied Health practitioner (Social Work). Mark has worked for State government agencies and community groups across South Australia.

Mark has a high level of understanding of the cultural sensitivities and appropriate protocols used when negotiating and facilitating business between Aboriginal people, communities, government departments and the private sector.

Eugene Warrior

Eugene is a dynamic, results-orientated professional with significant experience in research and development and implementation of Academic and Social strategies and cultural policies for Aboriginal people and communities within South Australia

Eugene has a firm understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal Education, Culture and Social Welfare and has developed and delivered interactive training modules.

Eugene has worked across sectors and has specialist skills in Education, Law, Aviation, Health, Sport and Recreation.

Linking Futures Board

Christine Charles and Kim Muhlen of D4G join Parry Agius on the board of Linking  Futures.

D4G is a joint venture partner of Linking Futures. D4G work across sectors from sole traders, small and medium business, not for profit organisations and major corporates; all tiers of government and industry consortia.

D4G assist business to achieve commercial outcomes, manage external issues and risks, including their capacity to do so. 


Kim Muhlen

Kim, has a diverse work history focused primarily on community and economic development.

Kim is a non-executive
Director of Linking Futures.


Christine Charles

Christine is Managing Director of D4G and is passionate about growing business.

Christine is a non executive Director of Linking Futures.