Linking Futures

Linking Futures

Our Capabilities

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Our Capabilities

We offer a  unique value proposition through our integrated, modular training curriculum. Comprised of eight strategic pillars, and with each pillar comprising various modules, the Linking Futures’ curriculum provides a proven pathway to cultural immersion for our clients.

We understand the challenges around RAP development, and offer a bespoke pathway to your RAP development that is uniquely genuine.

We have experienced practitioners in challenging stakeholder management scenarios, who are effective communicators and negotiators, who can assist you with your stakeholder engagement needs.

We have experienced site management and construction expertise, with the capability to supervise multi-million-dollar projects within tight timeframes. Previous projects of our staff include Lot 14, Adelaide Oval Redevelopment Project, Hardened and Networked Army, and the GHD House refurbishment.

We have deep industry experience of collaborative procurement, and alliance contracting.

We also bring wide-ranging Non-Executive Director experience of Board governance, leadership, and strategic planning development.

We have national and international experience in driving productive efficiency and productivity, championing transformational and cultural change, and employee engagement uplift. We have experience in Lean Manufacturing, Operations Management, and intimate knowledge of the full suite of ANZ/ISO standards including 4801, 9000, 14000, 22000, 55000 and their integration.

We bring extensive environmental leadership and management through our experience of Landscape Boards, Water Industry, and an array of large construction projects.

We have firsthand experience in building and construction, water and wastewater, all three tiers of government liaison, Industrial Relations, Organisational Psychology, and are well connected across finance, service, and heavy industries through our partners.