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Our Board

Photo Title: Murray River Sunset SA| Photo By: Parry Agius

Our Board

Parry Agius - Managing Director

Parry is extraordinarily successful in drawing together ordinary community people and experienced professionals to build futures through enabling conversations and collaborating, leading to creation of unique models of economic development and social engagement.

Parry and Linking Futures are a great team with 7 years into their partnership. Between them, their history, and networks they reach far into different industry sectors and at times into unchartered waters. Together with the Linking Futures team we are making a difference for those who seek our genius thinking and agility to influence and offer enabling advice and tools. Our experiences to understand the commercial mapping and adapt itself accordingly to our current position, a Indigenous Specialist Service Provider and our belief is “working in two worlds”.  My mother says I work in three worlds, the Aboriginal community, the general community, and the world of your family.

Parry has three decades of effective leadership and service delivery expertise and in the last 10 years as a sole trader and majority shareholder in Linking Futures Pty and currently is the Managing Director.

Parry is Board member of the Aboriginal Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (DGR) in Western Australia and its Trust (ABCF). The chairperson of the Aboriginal Carbon Environmental Services (ACES), Director on the Forest Stewardship Council of the Australian and New Zealand and member of FSCANZ Indigenous Working Group (IWG). Parry has a long history of boards, roundtables, and working groups at local and state and national levels.

As an inspiring and motivating leader, Parry encourages people to enjoy what they do in the workplace; be accountable for and take ownership of their work, become familiar with the environment they work in.  He is well known in the South Australian Aboriginal community and has a strong history across Australia and focus on the importance of stakeholder holders’ relationships. This is the essence of what Parry brings to all projects he works on.

Parry has vast experience in cross cultural settings and across sectors, working for and with all tiers of government, small and medium business, larger corporations and not for profit Indigenous groups, Cooperative Research Centers, (CRC) and businesses in remote and regional communities throughout Australia. Parry has a strong background in community engagement and development, human services, health, education, government sectors, native title, natural resource management, industry sectors and more recently infra-structure and building and construction.

Parry is extraordinarily successful in drawing together ordinary community people and experienced professionals to build futures through enabling conversations and collaborating, leading to creation of unique models of economic development and social engagement.

He has an Associate Diploma in Aboriginal Affairs, a Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Affairs Administration) and completed 2 subjects of his Adelaide University MBA and deferred studying to build Linking Futures Pty.

In 2000, Parry was awarded the first Prime Minister’s Centenary Medal for his work with Aboriginal people, Churchill Fellow 2004 and in 2013 was recognised by Macquarie University as an Honorary Associate. He is a strong advocate for socio-economic benefits for Aboriginal people and his career spans nearly 30 years cementing partnerships between Indigenous groups, government and industry and communities. 

Parry was the Presiding Member of the SA Government Alinytjara Wilurara NRM Board to Landscape Board for 10 years and 5 years board member a total of 15 years spanning from 2008-2023.

Mel Agius

Mel has an enviable background of working with a wide array of Aboriginal organisations, communities, families, and individual community members, achieving meaningful outcomes in challenging circumstances for her clients. With formal qualifications in: Aquaculture, Project Management, Youth Work, Mandatory Notification, and Business Administration, Mel brings to the Linking Futures team, a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience.

Added to this, Mel is well credentialed, with both qualifications and field experience in ‘Partnering, Harassment & Bullying Prevention,’ ‘Cultural Awareness & Diversity’, the ‘Aboriginal Women’s Civic Leadership Program’, ‘Report Writing’, ‘Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma’, and ‘Framework for Understanding Poverty’.

Mel is highly sought after and experienced Project Officer, having overseen strategic projects for the Indigenous Land & Sea Corporation (ILSC), and MAXIMA Group, shepherding client-critical relationships. Experienced in conducting due diligence, Mel has overseen ILSC assessments of investment decisions for the multi-year, multi-million dollar projects of Adina Vibe Hotel Darwin Waterfront, and Ayers Rock Resort.  These represented significant Indigenous employment and training opportunities.  Mel also oversaw the business development of the Naiyu Daly River Northern Territory Remote Women’s Training & Development Program.

Mel’s exceptionally well-developed communication skills, allow her to effectively facilitate, negotiate, and achieve significant outcomes across a diverse range of project-critical stakeholders. Combined with her exceptionally well-developed communication skills, Mel’s Research roles have seen her successfully analyse and provide a wide variety of concise and probing reports from diverse data sources, for a wide range of audiences.

Mel also has enviable Family Support and Youth Work background and experience, built up over an extended period with several unique, diverse, and challenging projects for Point Pearce Aboriginal Community, the Port Lincoln Children’s Centre, and Wiltja. This has seen Mel responsible for leading the supervision and provision of a safe and secure environment for Anangu secondary (Wiltja Residential Program), along with supporting health management, social, and educational development.

Mel is also a very proud grandmother, successful artist, and a passionate volunteer with a variety of Aboriginal community led projects.

Simon Jackson

Simon is a highly skilled Site Manager with over 25 years experience on a number of large scale, ECI and adaptive reuse projects including Lot 14, Adelaide Oval Redevelopment Project, Hardened and Networked Army and the GHD House refurbishment.

Simon has a passion for improving the lives of others and as such is an active member of Operation Flinders as a Team leader. He is also actively involved in supporting industry partners to match First Nation applicants with suitable construction partners for apprenticeship opportunities. Simon is proud of his role in establishing and maintaining a site initiative that looks to develop cultural safety on site through a series of weekly yarns titled Toolbox Yarns that have become a huge success and are well attended at Lot 14.