Linking Futures

We walk in two worlds...

We walk in two worlds...

Linking Futures assists business and government to work with Aboriginal clients and meet the expectations of the communities in which they operate.

Recognised as a market leader in developing cross-cultural understanding through education and facilitation, we support companies and government to meet Indigenous procurement targets and enhance their relationship with Indigenous Australians.

We do this by:

Linking Indigenous Businesses with companies, project developers, commercial investors and government 

Developing your teams Cross Cultural Understanding, Appreciation and Competence 

Supporting the development of commercial and collaborative capability and business delivery systems

Create Opportunity

Linking Futures is a connector of commercial relationships, Indigenous partnerships and strategic alliances. Together we create opportunities for you to succeed.

Grow Opportunity

Linking Futures helps you grow your capability to successfully win work. For larger companies, we help your engagement in regional economies, remote communities and supply chains.

Improve Relationships

Linking Futures help you to work together, forging and strengthening relationships. 'Being open to conversations and working together creates more opportunities.

Influence Outcomes

Linking Futures recognises that by working together we can all influence outcomes and ensure that project benefits are shared.

Partnership Training

In partnership with Dixon Partnering Solutions we provide ‘One to One’ partnering training through the Partnering Essentials™ suite of cross sector partnering courses. These courses are designed to deliver proven, practical skills that will equip you to partner effectively across all layers of community, education, government and business.